Watch Marvel Movies At watch32

Marvel Comics have been on the hype recently, especially with their continuous release of interesting movies that fans are very glad to watch in order. More than ever, people are looking for the best way to do the marathon of the movies and keep up with the timeline up to the latest one, which is Infinity War.

To be able to gear your knowledge on the war, watch the other movies first at watch32 to be able to understand the stories behind the heroes present, and why they ended up being included in the war.

Marvel Movies You Must Watch

To be able to know the characters of the movie, you must know the backstory of the heroes included on the iconic crossover on their history. First, Captain America as the very first avenger and also the oldest among them. He was experimented by a serum to make soldiers stronger and he was a successful one.

Iron Man’s story is also very vital for all Marvel fans out there because he’s one of the major contributors and plays a big role on every movies related to it. Get to know how the palladium came to his possession and why did they need to replace his heart with it and how it helped him upgrade his suit. More information on watch32 on

Incredible Hulk is also part of the roster members and just like Steve Rogers, he was an accident caused by military experiments, where he learned how to cure himself temporarily to get out of the Hulk situation.

Finally, Thor’s movies are also part of the things that you need to watch. You will learn how did he ended up losing his hammer, why Loki is being an antagonist to him, and how did he became the king of Asgard. With all their movies, you can have a gist on the Marvel story.