FiveLatest Movies You Should Not Miss in Watch Series

Watching movies has never been more fun and convenient because of free online movie sites. What could be better than watching a good movie in your own comfortable sofa while munching on a home cooked snack? Aside from you can watch at your own pace, watching online also allows instant access to a hundred of movie titles, of any genre, old and new. Aside from films, Watch series also features TV series like Game of Thrones, NCIS New Orleans, Carter, The Flash and so many more. Source of more about Watch series.

But my favorite, like many other people out there, are the newly released movies. I have listed below some of the new movies that you should never miss.

New movies that you should watch

  1. This film is based on the novel of Naomi Alderman. It stars Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams and Alessandro Nivola. This film narrates the struggles of a woman who returns home to an Orthodox Jewish community who shunned and sent her away because of her romantic relationship with her female school friend.
  2. This romantic comedy film tells the story of Kate, a working-class single mother, who convinces a wealthy playboy with amnesia that they are married. This is a recreation of the 1987 film with the same title.
  3. Starring Dwayne Johnson, this science fiction film is about a primatologist and a mutated supersize albino gorilla to stop other mutant animals from raging havoc to Chicago. This is loosely based on the video game series Rampage.
  4. This action-packed thriller film features the struggles of a group of friend who are terrorized by a gang of bikers. Set in a remote countryside home, the film is full of surprises, actions and adventure.
  5. Avengers Infinity War. This Marvel Comics-based superhero film is the sequel of the series of Avengers film. This top-grossing film boasts of superb special effects, breath-stopping actions, and very good cinematography.